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Instructionally how can devices be used?
Good morning.
collaborate, research
They can be used for collaboration.
Chat on topic
Creating book trailers about what they've read.
To cheat. And acces information.
To replace boring paper, pencil and books.
They can be used to mine data.
Student engagement
I like the cow video.
Find information about a topic
Search the experts
Share information
research, create, design, connect learning
Search the experts
Share information
Find information about a topic
I like the cow video.
hand carried devices can be used for class surveys (polleverywhere.com); quizzes, notetaking (evernote); taking video
To engage students
Creativity, engagement, foreign language education
Find information about a topic
Sidetrack the instruction
Clickers Research Youtub - Educational
Clickers Research Youtub - Educational
Reinforce concepts
Connect w students from across the globe
Help to engage students at their own pace, so each individual feels accomplishment without comparison.
Find information about a topic
Practice skills
Take a quick assessment about what is being taught to make sure everyone is together
take photo of Hw posted on board
Vote on the answcer
To make learning fun ans engaging.
We are stunned and happy we got here
Individual helpm
Collaboration and engagement
We are just beginning.
collaborate with everyones input not just a few
For engaged learning
Make learning more of an active process
Mentor across age/grade levels
We made it!
For collaboration
take photo of work & share w/ teacher & others
to create Science models in a group setting
Fast assessment / check in. collaboration fir shy people
Formative assessment
skype with experts
Students create videos of what they are studying
Communicate student to student
Capture imagination
Helps students be more global learners
connect with others internationally
This is great stuff!
Record students reading to look at fluency
Engaging the kids with your examples. How can the kids use their devices to interact and expand their interaction.
Poll for immediate understanding (exit tickets)
An incredible experience!
publish 4 a global audience
View and connect with the world
We love you MEG!
Used to reasearch & validate. Use fir student response
Teacher could check for understanding
Us devices to help create comfort zone for learning
Student assisstance
transform classrooms to engaging cconversations
Connect student to student after the school day
Connect with students in other communities, states, and countries to build collaborative opportunities with different cultures or solve mutu
kids mentor each other and teach each other
Nice, already great class.
Great possibilities
Make different devices work simulatenously...also show people how to stop obsessing sbout IT
Forward us the cow video!
Most interesting
Ok no scroll bar?
Use dropbox
dropbox, youtube, post link on your website
Twitter FB Youtube
Drop box
Take a survey
can you share the ipod/ipad tcea spreadsheet
I will read the transcript and add links to my website of links
Glucose video please
My battery is going dead.....what do I do
Plug in now!
Find an outlet
Law makers hinder what we can do with technology.
CraZy teacher. Would luv class
Accessibility for ESS?
Send cow video
FRL Equity for Boyd?
Deliniate boundaries and roles of district, school, teacher, student, community?
Very good session!!
Good ideas
Do you need a teaching job?
great session, i am excited to rollout byod at my district